Why Using Video Is A Great Way To Promote Your Golf Course

As smartphone usage and improved internet connectivity become commonplace, the importance of video content for a business or organisation cannot be overlooked. If you are a golf course, you’ll find that using video is a great way to promote your golf course.

Videos allow people to see your golf course
If you are proud of your golf course and you think people will want to join when they see it, share video content of your golf course. It has never been easier to create good quality video content with a smartphone device and this content will draw people to your site or social media platforms.

Videos showcase what else you offer at your golf course
While the course itself is vital, a golf club is about so much more than the course itself. The changing facilities, the clubhouse, the surroundings, the dining options and any function rooms all have an impact on what people think about your course.

Creating videos where you tour around all of your facilities and show people what your club has to offer is a tremendous way to convince people that you are the right club for them. With video content being easily shared on social media, you’ll find that good quality video content from your site will be shared, allowing you to reach out to potential members.

Video testimonials from members connect with potential members
In the digital and social media era, there is a need to offer more proof and evidence to people to convince them to believe you. It is easy for people to set up websites and create content that can persuade people to join a site, and this means online users are more cynical about what is on offer.

A good way around this is to record video testimonials from your current users and then share this on your site and social media platforms. If your users are on social media, tag them in and this gives proof that the member is genuine and they will be keen to share the video with their friends.

Videos can capture the image and identity of your brand
Your golf course is likely to have a brand and an image, and it is important that you create content which reinforces this brand. You can create videos around your course and club showcasing your image, no matter what your image or identity is.

If you are a club that takes a traditional approach to golf, this can be captured very easily. If you are a golf course that is more laidback than other golf courses, this should be something that is easy to capture and share. Whatever image you are trying to get across to your audience, you’ll find that a video will allow you to reinforce this image and identity with ease.

Videos allow you to offer more value to your members
A good thing about video content is that it can be used to add value for your members. A good example would be providing videos based on improving your golf technique or feeling more comfortable when you play. This content can be shared with everyone or it may be that you post it in places that only your members can find.

However you opt to share this content, it can help your members get more from their time playing golf at your course, which means they will think of you in a more favourable manner. You may decide to share teaser video with everyone, and then use the fact that members get to see the full video as a way of encouraging people to become a member with your golf course. 

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Ian Watson
Agent Golf UK

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