How Twitter Advertising Can Help Increase Membership Levels For Your Golf Course

If you are looking to increase membership at your golf course, using social media makes sense. One great way to take advantage of social media to reach out to new members is via Twitter Advertising. Twitter Advertising offers many benefits and it provides a cost effective return on your investment.

You can target people in your local area
One of the most important reasons to choose Twitter Advertising lies in the targeting capabilities. More importantly, being able to target people in your local ensures all of your promotional focus and activity will be on people who can actually play at your club.

Many people praise social media for the ability to reach an audience around the world but a much stronger benefits lies in being able to specifically target people who are close to you.

Twitter Advertising allows you to target by interest or existing accounts
If you are looking to reach out to golfers, it can be helpful to find people who have declared an interest in golf or who golfers, golf related manufacturers or golf tournaments. Twitter advertising allows you to focus on people who have already expressed an interest in golf. When you combine this criteria with the local search function, your golf course will be promoting directly to local golfers.

Twitter Advertising allows you to target by sporting events or TV events
Another way which Twitter Advertising allows you to focus on an audience is by major sporting event or TV event. If you want to reach out to people while they watch a golf tournament like The Open or The Ryder Cup, you can do so. When people watch major sporting events, they may be inspired to play more often. This is the ideal time for a golf course to promote itself to new members so if you’re looking to increase your membership, this Twitter Advertising feature is hugely important.

Twitter Advertising can be undertaken along with a discount or voucher for new members
If you want to provide a real incentive for people to join your golf course, you can do so with discounts, vouchers, bonuses or other special offers. This may be the factor that encourages a person to join your course and it is very easy to provide them with money off vouchers or the chance to get lessons when they sign up via social media sites.

Twitter Advertising can be shared by existing members or interested parties
You’ll also find that you can set up Twitter Advertising so that it can be shared and retweeted by your existing members. You may even decide to run a campaign that will see current members receive a bonus or money off when they get a new member to sign up. Placing this offer into a tweet gives your members the chance to share it with friends or send it on to specific people. This is a very effective way of reaching out to people who will be interested in what your golf course has to offer.

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Ian Watson
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