Social media promotion an effective approach for your Golf course

Given that there is a high level of competition between golf courses and clubs, it makes sense for golf courses to focus on promotion. A golf club has to offer a great course and a high standard of customer service but these features are no longer enough to ensure that golfers come to your club or consider you to be a sensible option.

There is a need to promote your club and show that you provide the best standard of service and support to all players. One way in which you can impact on how people perceive your golf course is to develop a social media presence.

With so many people spending a considerable amount of time on social media, it makes sense to be seen on these platforms and providing a service to potential players and existing members.

Increasing the digital presence of your golf course and club business is important

You may currently think that your digital presence isn’t that important, particularly if you are a traditional golf course, but this isn’t the case.

There are many benefits to be gained from improving your digital presence, including:

• Your audience is on social media, so it makes sense to be present where you are
• A digital presence allows you to share important news and urgent updates
• Your digital presence is a big part of your brand and how people perceive your golf course
• A strong digital presence allows you to collect feedback from members and the local community
• Having a digital presence allows you to connect with local firms or groups, allowing you to play a part in your local community
• You can connect with other golf courses or teams through your social media accounts
• You can promote club events, your golf shop and appeal to potential members

These are all benefits that a golf course can benefit from and they can all be achieved through increasing your digital presence.

Social media promotion
As with most forms of promotion, social media promotion can be broken down into free promotion and paid-for-promotion. While it is understandable that most firms will be keen to explore free promotion options before paying for services, it is worth considering paid for promotion options. Adverts on Facebook include a range of features including targeting on key demographics, which help you to reach the right people straight away.

At this present time, social media paid-for-advertising is still relatively affordable, particularly in comparison with Google adverts, and there is a good return on investment. This means that social media paid-for-promotion can offer value for money, so bear it in mind as an option.

However, it is likely that free social media promotion will be of interest to you, and there are a number of ways you can reach out to people.

Engage your audience
One of the most effective ways to develop a digital presence on social media platform is to engage your audience. If you are looking to make the most of social media, think about the “social” aspect of the name. It makes sense to ask questions and you need to listen and respond to people.

If people have questions for your golf club, make sure you respond and give them as much information as possible. You may also find that this is a brilliant opportunity to provide them with a link to a specific page on your website, which will drive traffic to your site.

The most important social media promotion comes with engagement, and the fact that this idea is so important means we’ll consider it again in the next point.

Ask questions and get feedback
You need to be proactive in increasing your digital presence. This means you cannot wait for people to contact your firm, you should ask questions and engage with people. You can join in conversations that are relevant to your local area or golf in general. This will not only show that you are active and friendly, it can position you as a local organisation that can be relied on or as a golf course that is welcoming and friendly.

Run competitions
If you have spent any time on Facebook, it is likely that you will have come across competitions. Social media competitions are very popular and they are effective, because these competitions can expand the number of followers you have on social media and the volume of people you engage with.

There is no shortage of options for prizes that a golf course can offer (a free day at the club, a training day, a day with the Golf Pro, entry to the club, vouchers for the store etc) and when you run a competition, you want to make sure that people are sharing your page or post and tagging in other people.

Common ways to run a social media competition includes:

• Liking the page/post
• Commenting on the post
• Sharing the post/tagging someone else in

These three simple steps will lead to your current followers bringing your golf club to the attention of new people and potential players, and this is a very effective way to increase your digital presence.

If your golf course is looking for new members or you want to be recognised as the number one option in your local area, increasing your digital presence is a very good idea.

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Ian Watson
Agent Golf

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