Social Media For A Golf Course: Best Practise

With more and more golf courses understanding the importance of a social media marketing, the following best practice tips for a golf course on social media should be of benefit.

Share content that makes people’s lives easier
If you want people to follow your account, give them reasons to follow you and making someone’s life easier is a great reason to convince someone to follow you. This means your social media bio should have relevant contact information, location details and even opening hours.

When it comes to content that you share, make sure you provide people with relevant content that will help them out. If you are changing hours for a one-off event, let people know. If you have special offers or deals on, let people know. You’ll also find that offering golfing tips and advice will be of great benefit to your audience.

Before you post, think about whether your content is of benefit to someone or is likely to improve someone’s life. If it will, be sure to share it and if not, can you tweak the content to make it more relevant for someone?

Monitor for questions, feedback and responses
If you are going to use social media in the most appropriate manner, you need to be social. If someone asks you a question about your golf course or your service, you should look to respond as quickly and as helpfully as possible. If people are talking about your golf course or local area, feel free to engage in the conversation and try and be as helpful as possible.

Develop an image or identity and maintain it
One of the best features of social media is that you can develop an identity or image. Every organisation should have a personality that they look to get across at all times, and your content should be along these lines. You first of all need to determine if you are a fun and laid-back club or a more traditional and formal golf course. Whatever style of course you are, the content you share will help you develop the audience you want and create an image of your club.

Engage your local community
You want to be seen as a component of your local community and this means your social media account should take an interest in the local community. This can come in the form of praising local stores, talking about local matters or sharing relevant pieces of information about your local area.

Don’t always promote
There may be a tendency to promote your golf course at all times but this is not a sensible idea on social media. As the name suggests, social media is a place where people socialise, and this means that promotional tweets should be a minimal part of your overall social media presence.

Some quick tips to remember include:

• Keep things simple
• Ask questions and look for feedback
• Share original images and video content of your golf course
• Run competitions and give people a reason to engage
• Listen and respond

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Golf

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