Why Sharing Golf News Can Help Show Authority & Expertise Within Your Field

If you are looking to be trusted and well-regarded on social media, you want to be seen as an expert. Ofcourse this is something that everyone and every account is looking to achieve, so it can be difficult to achieve, but it is achievable. First of all, you need to accept that you will not become a trusted expert overnight, and secondly, the best way to develop this reputation is by sharing golf news.

Showing that you follow the right people and right bodies is a great starting point
First of all, if you want to be seen as being an expert within your field, golf, you should showcase that you follow the right people. This means you should look to follow players, analysts, ruling bodies and trusted experts and even golf media. Following the right people shows that you know the sport and sharing their content will ensure that people recognise you as someone who understands what is going on in golf.

Sharing relevant information shows you have your finger on the pulse
Of course, if you retweet everything that these experts and professionals say on social media, some people will doubt if you have any individual expertise or take on the content. Filtering the content to only share the most relevant information or news that your members or followers will be interested in shows that you understand golf and what is important to you.

Acting as golf news hub makes life easier for so many people
The filtering of golf news and providing your followers with a more manageable range of golf stories, that are relevant to them, is a key factor in being seen as a golf expert. Many people don’t have the time to follow all of the important leaders and experts in golf and this is why if you can provide them with the best and most pertinent stories, you’ll find that people will choose you as their golf hub.

Sharing news can bring you to the attention of experts who may engage with you
If you regularly share or Retweet content from an expert, you are more likely to come to their attention. This may create a platform where they engage with you or it could help other people in the industry or community recognise your club and brand. If you can engage with the professionals it is far more likely that you’ll be considered on a par (pardon the pun) with the experts in the golfing community, which will only be good news for your reputation.

People are likely to share the content that you share which will increase awareness of what you offer
If you share relevant and interest content, you’ll find that people are more likely to share this content with their friends and followers. This will significantly increase the chances of new people finding your social media account.

Reviewing and sharing content increases your own knowledge
If you are spending time researching golf news and changes to the community, you’ll become more knowledgeable. Whether this allows you to provide a better service or just allows you to be more confident in what you say, you’ll find that being knowledgeable about your business and activity will only be a positive thing when looking to develop an audience. 

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Golf

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