How LinkedIn Advertising Can Help Gain More Members For Your Golf Course

Using social media to find members for your golf course is a sensible idea but not all social media platforms are the same. If you’re looking to tap into the business related benefits of a golf course, you’ll find that LinkedIn is the ideal platform and LinkedIn Advertising makes perfect sense.

Golf is intrinsically linked with business, so LinkedIn is a great social media platform for your course
It may be a cliché but it is also true that many business deals are carried out on the golf course. Golf allows people to spend quality time together without all of the focus being on business. This allows people to relax and get to know each other. Businesses that like to know people or other firms personally find that golf is a great way to size up whether someone is right to do business with.

A golf course should be looking to reach business people and as LinkedIn is the social media platform most readily associated with business, it makes sense to advertise on this platform.

The targeting options allow you to reach the right people
A key factor in why LinkedIn Advertising is a great option to gain more members for your golf course comes with the targeting options.

The targeting options for LinkedIn Advertising include:
• Location of the audience
• Industry of company / Size of company
• Title / Function / Seniority of the role
• Skills of the audience
• Groups the audience belongs to
• Schools / Degree / Field of study of the audience
• Age / Years of experience

All of these targeting options can help you find the right group of people to promote to. Whether you need to focus on management level people, groups and interests of the members of years of experience in the firm or industry, you have a chance to target the people who are more likely to enjoy your golf course or who would use it for professional purposes. Of course, the location option is extremely important as this allows you to reach people who would be able to use your golf course.

LinkedIn Advertising offers different ways to reach people
A key benefit of LinkedIn Advertising is that you have different ways to reach people. It is possible to reach your audience via:

• Sponsored content – which is recommended for use with an audience size of at least 300,000
• Text ads – which is recommended for use with an audience size between 60,000 and 400,000
• Sponsored InMail – which is recommended for use up to an audience size of 100,000

These options ensure you can create advertising content that chimes with your audience but also which showcases your golf course in the best possible manner. If you have a lot of features and facilities at your golf course, a mailshot approach will allow you to provide many reasons why your golf course is the natural choice for business professionals.

With the chance to set budgets, you should never feel as though as the costs of running a LinkedIn Advertising campaign will run away from you. The ability to combine targeting with budgetary control means that your golf course can find the optimum return for their outlay. With LinkedIn Advertising being flexible, it is possible to test your options and tinker with your approach. This wouldn’t be possible so easily with traditional advertising campaigns, which means that using LinkedIn Advertising is ideal for golf courses that are as of yet undecided about the best approach to promoting their course and reach out to golfers.

With the connection between golf and business professionals being a well-known factor, using LinkedIn Advertising to promote your golf course makes perfect sense.

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Ian Watson
Agent Golf UK

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