Why Facebook Advertising Is Important For A Golf Course

One good thing about running a golf course is that there should be a well-defined demographic for them to aim at. The intended audience should be located close enough to the course that they can travel to and from the course easily and they must want to play golf.

Some clubs and courses may have other demographics to drill down into but on the whole, if you want to reach people to join your club, they must be:
• Local
• Golfers

This is why some golf courses have struggled to obtain value for money in their promotional activities. There are many mediums where a golf course can advertise in their local area but this activity will place them in front of many people who have no interest in what the club has to offer. There are also mediums where a golf course can advertise to golfers but this activity will place them in front of many people who don’t stay close to your golf course.

This is why Facebook advertising is a “game-changer” for many golf courses.

Facebook advertising allows you to target the right people
The most important aspect about Facebook advertising is that you can effectively target people, which mean you only reach out to people who have an interest in what you have to offer. You’ll find it every easy to promote your golf course to the right people and you start either by choosing to promote in a certain area or to people who are currently within a certain radius of the club.

After this, if you choose hobbies or interests as golf or golf related topics, you’ll find that adverts are only seen by people who are close to your club and who have an interest in golf. This simple step alone is all the reason your business really needs to turn to Facebook advertising.

Facebook advertising is simple to set up and run
If you are worried about setting up Facebook advertising, don’t be because it is very simple to do so. Facebook wants you to advertise with them, so they have made the process simple and will walk you through the process as best as they can. There are also plenty of guides and tips available online, so if you are concerned about setting up a Facebook advertising, don’t be, because there is plenty of help on offer. If you are able to set up and manage a social media account, you’ll be able to set up a Facebook advert.

Facebook advertising is cost effective
Many golf courses will have worried about the cost of Facebook advertising but this is actually one of the strong points of the medium. Facebook advertising is a lot more affordable than Google advertising and the ability to target your audience ensures that you are only paying to be seen by relevant people. This offers tremendous value for money for golf courses.

Another benefit comes with the fact that it is very easy to set up a daily or total project limit. This means you won’t go over your budget, which provides considerable comfort to all golf courses.

Standard Facebook posts and pages are not as effective as they used to be
If you have been relying on Facebook posts to engage your audience and promote your course, you may have found that you aren’t doing as well as you used to. Facebook has made numerous tweaks to their algorithms, making it harder for organisations and bodies to develop an audience in the traditional or organic manner.

It is natural to be cynical about why Facebook has taken these steps, they clearly want to derive more advertising income, but it should also be remembered that Facebook is a business. You should have a Facebook page and you can provide great content and information to your audience but when it comes to developing your audience, you’ll find that Facebook advertising is the most effective use of your time and efforts.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Golf

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