8 Fantastic Competition Ideas For A Golf Course

Running a competition is a great way to engage your audience and develop new followers on social media but if you run a golf course, is it easy to run a competition? Yes it is!

Here are 8 fantastic competition ideas for a golf course.

A simple engage/like or share competition
The simplest social media competition you’ll see is one where you ask people to like, share or comment to enter the draw. This doesn’t require much engagement but it draws people to you and it can raise awareness of your course in a short period of time.

The fact that this style of competition is used by so many businesses and organisations should indicate how successful it is.

Guess how many golf balls in a box or clear receptacle?
This is a very traditional style of competition but it will allow you to add a golf twist to the traditional format. Rather than asking people to guess who many sweets there are in a jar, why not ask people to guess how many golf balls or even golf tees there are in a receptacle?

Promotion of golf equipment
If you have branded golf equipment, be sure to use this and take the picture or video content (preferably both) on your course or in your golf club. If you put up a good prize, this is definitely the sort of competition that people love to enter and you’ll find that it will be liked and shared on social media in no time.

If your golf course has branded merchandise or golf equipment, why not run a competition that requires members or guests to take pictures of themselves using your branded equipment in strange locations or on distant golf courses? Golfing holidays are becoming very popular these days and given that people love sharing holiday snaps, why not cash in on this trend by getting your followers to share images of your merchandise and brand around the world?

Create a mascot / name a mascot
This is the sort of competition where your followers can involve their children, creating a family atmosphere and image for your club. Asking for followers to create a new mascot for your golf course or asking them to name a mascot that you have had professional designed is a fun social media competition that can generate a lot of interest and excitement.

While you may want to choose the winner yourself, opting to have the winner decided by votes, likes, RTs or shares will significantly increase the engagement that your competition receives.

Design a new hole for the golf course
A competition along similar lines, but perhaps more aimed at adults, is to have followers submit ideas for a new hole at the golf course. This could be serious or it could be fun, and again, it should draw a lot of attention to your course while presenting your course to a lot of new followers.

Post your score card
You’ll find that many golfers love to post their score card after a round of golf, so why not make a competition of it. Any golfer that posts an image of their score card after a round at your golf course can be entered into a competition.

Come up with a new meal idea or suggestion for the club house
It is always good to get feedback about what you offer and if you are looking to provide a better service in your club house, why not make a competition out of it? Looking for feedback or new ideas on what to serve to your audience is always a smart move, and this should see a lot of new people coming across your social media accounts as people enter the competition.

Ask for golf related songs that a DJ could play at an event at the club house
This is another fun competition and you’ll find that social media is a great platform for light-hearted content and puns. Asking your audience to submit song titles with a golfing twist or joke will draw attention to your club house facilities, it will engage your audience and it may provide you with ideas for future marketing activities.

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Ian Watson
Agent Golf 

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