5 Wicked Special Offer Ideas For Your Golf Course

An offer or promotion is always a great way to draw attention to your business and this is true for a golf course. If you like the sound of using offers to promote your club but you are unsure of how to get started, here are 5 wicked special offer ideas for your golf course.

Discounted equipment hire
One thing that a lot of people say about golf is that they would like to play the sport more regularly but find the cost of starting up is expensive. There isn’t just golf course membership or green fees to consider, there is a lot of specialist equipment associated with golf.

If you can provide an equipment hire service, and then make this hire service affordable, you’ll find that more people will be likely to visit your course and try their hand at golf. If they enjoy the experience, it is more likely that they’ll come back and they could eventually become a full-time member of your course.

Provide money off or 2 for 1 offers when you aren’t busy
If there are times when your golf course isn’t busy, provide offers or discounts that will encourage people to play at these times. This can be a good way of introducing people to golf or driving people towards your clubhouse or shop when they would be otherwise quiet.

Utilising quieter periods to reach out to new members or ensure previous players come back is a smart idea and it should help you develop your audience and following.

Provide a special VIP package that includes tips from the golf professional and other benefits
Sometimes people are looking for a special package or a day out related to golf. There is always going to be someone’s birthday, anniversary, retirement or reason to celebrate and if you offer a special VIP package, you’ll find that there is interest.

You obviously need to ensure that the contents of the offer can be classed as VIP and people think they are getting value for money from the package. However, if you provide enough features, you’ll find that this is a good way of bringing more money in with every sale and you can create a better sense of engagement and interaction with people.

Provide discounts or even free golf merchandise with visitor packages or new memberships
If you have a club shop and you sell golf merchandise, you can tie this in with an offer of course time. This can help you move old stock, it can give people more incentive to come and play at your course and it may introduce people to your stock and what your shop has to offer.

Golf courses should be keen to have their guests and members enjoy all of their facilities and the right sort of offer or gift will ensure people know what you provide at the golf course.

Free meals or drinks in your clubhouse or dining area
Similarly, if you are looking to introduce more people to your dining options or your clubhouse, provide people with an incentive to do so. It may even be that you can provide offers for times when you are quiet, therefore improving the flow of business at your clubhouse or dining room.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Golf UK

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