5 Ways Using Video To Promote Your Golf Course

All businesses should be looking towards video content as a fantastic tool to promote themselves. Good quality video content can be created for an affordable price and with very little time or editing these days. This means it is a viable promotional tool, but it is also a tool that people want to see. With the use of smartphones and tablets rising all the time, video content is what users are looking for, and here are 5 ways using video to promote your golf course can boost your club.

Create video content of your golf course
If you have a great looking golf course, share it with the world. Golfers want to play on challenging golf courses and they want to play on courses that look fantastic. Whether the players are out for a casual game with friends, they are looking to improve their own performance of they want to do business deals, the nature of the course will impact on the enjoyment or benefit people receive from the day.

This is why you want to create as much video content of your golf course and then share it on your site and via your social media platforms.

Create video content of players and guests providing testimonials
In the digital age, social proof is everything. Anyone can set up a website, social media presence and blog and then tell people about the fantastic services they offer. This means most people are looking for more proof or evidence about what a business can offer, and this is the case for golf courses.

Creating video content where your players and guests talk about their experience at your golf course will ensure you offer genuine proof to new players or potential members. There is also the fact that the people interviewed will be more likely to share the content, ensuring your golf course is placed in front of more people.

Provide golfing tips from the course professional to your audience
You should always be looking to offer value to your audience and many golfers are always on the lookout for ways to be better at golf. If you have a golf course professional or a highly regarded player at your course, ask them for assistance in creating golf course video tips. Offering your players guidance on how to remove bad habits from their play and how they can strengthen their game will ensure you have people enjoying and sharing your content on a regular basis.

Showcase your members
If you use social media a lot, you will know that sporting video content is shared all the time. However, for sporting social media content to be of interest, it needs to show great skills or bloopers! This is why you want to ensure all of your members are okay with this style of content but if you’re able to share content with your players playing well or making big mistakes, your video content has a chance of going viral.

Showcase your course and facilities
There are many reasons why people will use your golf course or become a member. The quality of the course is important but people want to know about your facilities. Is there ample and secure parking on offer at your course? Are the changing facilities safe and reliable? What is the golf club and shop like?

These are all aspects that determine whether a golfer is likely to join a particular club or not. If you can create video content of all of your facilities, you will provide many golfers with what they need to know before agreeing to play at your club or become a member.

It is essential to promote your golf course in the most effective manner and these 5 uses of video content will help to showcase your course in the best way.

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