How To Set Up Your Golf Event Using Facebook Events

If you are hosting a golf event, you need to promote it strongly, and Facebook is a great platform to promote your event. Facebook Events is a simple way to spread the word about the occasion but it is important you know how to set up your golf event using Facebook events. Setting up the […]

Why Social Media Is Important For A Golf Course

Given that golf courses are often seen as traditional venues that have an established way of doing things, you can see why many golf courses avoid social media. This would be a mistake though and there are many reasons why social media is important for a golf course. It allows you to show your course […]

Social Media For A Golf Course: Best Practise

With more and more golf courses understanding the importance of a social media marketing, the following best practice tips for a golf course on social media should be of benefit. Share content that makes people’s lives easier If you want people to follow your account, give them reasons to follow you and making someone’s life […]

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