5 Fantastic Competitions Ideas For A Golf Shop

Promoting your golf shop is essential to boost your business and running a competition is often a tremendous idea. Here are 5 fantastic competition ideas for a golf shop. Guess the number of golf tees in a jar A classic competition runs along the lines of placing a high volume of small items into a […]

6 Awesome Reasons Why A Golf Shop Should Use Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool for retailers and this is definitely the case for golf shops. If you’re a golf shop and you aren’t using social media yet. Here are 6 awesome reasons why you should. You can promote flash sales immediately There will be times when you are looking to run a quick […]

5 Wicked Special Offer Ideas For Your Golf Course

An offer or promotion is always a great way to draw attention to your business and this is true for a golf course. If you like the sound of using offers to promote your club but you are unsure of how to get started, here are 5 wicked special offer ideas for your golf course. […]

How Social Media Can Increase Membership For Your Golf Course

One common issue that many businesses and organisations have with social media is how it can impact on their business. While gaining a lot of followers can be seen as a good thing, most organisations will point to their bottom line and ask if social media can impact on this. This means golf courses will […]

Why Using Video Is A Great Way To Promote Your Golf Course

As smartphone usage and improved internet connectivity become commonplace, the importance of video content for a business or organisation cannot be overlooked. If you are a golf course, you’ll find that using video is a great way to promote your golf course. Videos allow people to see your golf course If you are proud of […]

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